Producer: Tone Jonez

F.C. Black has been in many circles where he has been the only black person amongst white people. In those situations, at times, he has been looked at as the lone voice for the black community. This happens in the church too, especially if you are in a predominately white congregation. They look at you as if you should spearhead their desire to get other black people in the church, and sometimes the agenda to diversify the church demographics are not even genuine, especially when you see the reactions to interracial marriages and children. So, this song is an airing out of some things F.C. has experienced in churches where the leadership and congregation is predominately white.

Twitter: @f_c_black

F.C. Black penned his first poem at the age of 18 as a way to cope with pain. Though he grew up in a Christian home, he truly believed in Christ as a freshman in college but found it hard to live out his newfound belief. This led to the poem that echoed Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 7, though F.C. Black had yet to read that portion of scripture.

A few years later, F.C. Black penned his first sermon at the age of 21. Preaching the gospel led him to attending and graduating from Bible college with a Bachelor of Religious Studies. Through a song-writing club at his local church, he began to write and perform his spoken word poems on a regular basis. Though his spoken word pieces were shorter than normal sermons, it was still a proclamation of the gospel and positively impacted the hearers.

This impact led to members in his local church urging him to put together a CD. F.C. Black, being an avid Christian hip-hop listener, took their suggestion a step further and put together his first rap album entitled Abundance of the Heart. The next year he released Unleashed: Remake Session Volume 1 where he remade songs from popular CHH artists. In 2013, he released an EP entitled Die Well, which included a song collaboration and production from Eshon Burgundy, as well as production from Tone Jonez and His Swag Productions.

Since then, F.C. Black has contemplated putting down the mic for good. However, every time this contemplation takes place, he receives a random text or tweet from someone stating how his music has encouraged them on that particular day. So, he will press on by the grace of GOD.