Here’s the new track from up and coming artist Ezzup. “Blood Bought” is the first single from Ezzup’s upcoming album From Shame to Glory which is scheduled to be released July 2015.


About Ezzup:

Deleon Dawson ( Ezzup ) came into this world on October 5, 1982.  The elder of five siblings, Ezzup was born and raised in Eustis, Florida, by a single mother Tammy Dawson. Despite the trials of growing up in the ghetto, Tammy Dawson managed the best she could with minimal resources and the help from Deleon’s grandmother.

Known then by his childhood name “Leon”, he was very popular due to his athleticism.  Many considered him to be a phenomenal athlete and referred to him as a football head, because of his passion for the game.

After graduating high school DeLeon fell victim to the streets.  As a result of living a fast lifestyle, he ended up behind bars on two separate occasions, serving out two prison terms, once for 3 years and his second and final term of 5 years. That really took a toll on him as he had just begun a new chapter in his life as a new father and husband.

During that last 5 year prison sentence, Leon grew very close with the Lord, and began to discover his gift of music ministry in the form of Christian rap, where it all began.  Upon his release from prison in 2012, Ezzup the new man was equipped with the word of God, ready to spread the gospel.  Inside and out he knew he was a different person physically, mentally, and spiritually as he was prepared to overcome the challenges that were waiting.

Fast forward his life 3 years later, after weathering the heartache of a divorce, he’s back on track and walking in the will of God. By God’s grace and mercy on his life he has sustained his career as an iron worker, found love again and married the new love of his life Tiffany Dawson; with whom they share 3 beautiful children.

Currently he and his wife are partners in the ministry G.U.A.P. Affiliated, LLC, which was the vision God gave him while in prison. G.U.A.P. (God Uses All People) and its affiliates look to make an impact in this dark cynical world for the Kingdom of God by reaching lives and saving souls.

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