Evan Ford describes himself as “someone who is trying to bring God glory the best that he can. I’m not perfect, but I’m definitely striving to look more like Christ.”

Eris Ford-Ordenes describes herself as living with a “goal to bring God glory, to become someone that young girls can look up to, and change people’s lives with our music.”

Brother and sister, Evan and Eris grew up in a very musical household. Evan is three years older than Eris, and they also have two younger sisters. “Every house we’ve had has always had a studio.” Evan said he doesn’t remember a time when they were not around music. Both of their parents are worship pastors; their mother is a vocal coach, and their father is a professional keyboard player.

Eris started singing at a very young age. “My mom says I sang my first solo at my grandpa’s church when I was four years old.” Evan also started singing at age four. At ages eleven and fourteen, respectively, they recorded their first song together. Evan’s experience recording that first song with Eris was a great one.

“It was just fun. We were doing what we love to do.”

In February, they released their first collaborative album, Seasons. “In every season, God is God, and God is still good. Throughout the lows and highs, there’s something you can learn from every season.”

The first song on Seasons that was recorded, “Glory,” was initially recorded almost seven years ago. Speaking about the album process, Evan said, “Glory kind of started that, from ‘Oh, we’re having fun, making music, to wait: we have something real here.”

Recording Seasons was a great process for both of them. Evan said,

“There’s just a family bond that we have. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Seasons begins with “Dreams.” “It really explains the process of being an artist chasing a dream,” said Evan. The song talks about how when you are chasing your dreams, there are numerous effects, including negative ones, that can come with it. Eris wants listeners to know that being an artist is not easy.

Evan said that both he and Eris had a heavy spirit when they started working on the song “People.” “God just dropped it in our spirit [that] we’ve got to learn how to love again. I feel like we’ve lost the art of actually loving.” They want to encourage listeners to follow Christ’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

“Like That” is one of Eris’ favorite songs on the album. “I just really like the vibe of that song. Basically, the whole gist of the song is [that] no matter who it is or what it is, it won’t have you. God will have your back.” She is amazed at how God has always been present with her through the most difficult times in life and sought to show listeners that wherever they are, God is with them.

“God is just as devoted to us as the day when He created us.”

Seasons continues with “You Know.” Evan noted, “the Bible says [that] the Word is a lamp under our feet. I feel like sometimes we want it to be, ‘the word is a floodlight’ so we can see twenty years into the future.” He wants people to take their lives not only one day at a time, but one step at a time.

“Just wait for God to give you that next move.”

“Most of the time my bro will just be in the studio making fire beats, and he’ll just say, ‘Hey, how do you feel about this?” Eris said that how their song “Juzz Do It” came about. “If we’re together, it’s easy for us to come up with a chorus first. Then we take the chorus and what it’s talking about and go into more detail in the verses.”

They want to encourage listeners to follow God’s call on their lives. She noted that if people are unsure of their calling, “as long as you trust in God and you can hear from Him, then go ahead and take that first step.”

Evan added, “there’s always gonna be an obstacle. When we see obstacles, we can either choose to trust that God has us, or we can just not do it. That’s why its called Juzz Do It.”

“Bow Down” talks about, “the everyday struggles of the world, social media, maybe even family members that put certain things in your mind. It’s really easy… to let whatever negativity stick to your mind,” Eris said. She described the song as an anthem encouraging listeners to “tell those thoughts that they have no authority and that they don’t belong there.”

“It’s like a hardcore song to get the message through that, devil: you’d better bow down because you’re under our feet and you always will be, no matter how pressing those thoughts or negativity could be.”

Evan and Eris collaborated with 4 Against 5 artist Steven Malcolm on their song “Be Alright.” “He did it joyfully, and we were super grateful to him to give some Steven Malcolm sauce on our song,” said Eris. In the song, they want to encourage listeners that “even though pain comes in the night, joy still comes in the morning.”

Eris also said, “its such a catchy song, so many unbelievers will get it stuck in their head and they don’t even know what they’re singing… Even if its subliminally, we want that song to get stuck in your head and watch your life change because you’re speaking life.”

“Due Season” was a song Evan and Eris wrote to their parents. “First and foremost for us, it was about honoring our parents because our parents have poured so much into us,” said Evan. They asked their mom and dad to record themselves talking about them, not knowing that their children would “put them in their own song.”

The song expresses the sentiment, “We are grateful, and when we have the opportunity, we’re going to make sure we repay you for what you’ve done.”

Seasons concludes with “Glory,” which “is like our mission statement,” said Eris. Evan said, “none of this means anything if we are doing this for ourselves. We are doing this for the glory of Jesus… That’s the only reason to do anything.”

“We just want to keep spreading God’s love, because this world needs that. We’re blessed to have an opportunity to be able to do that.”

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