Artist: Eshon Burgundy
Production: Street Orchestra (all production on the EP)
Album: The Blood Bought EP
Release Date: Christ-Mas 2009
Label: Salvation Armie Music Group
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Bio/Notes: Eshon started a gospel group in 2000 called “Society Park”, they released their debut album “Freedoms’ journal” in 2002…eshon left the group in 2003 to pursue a solo career…eshon has done over 500 hundred shows through out the united states and england(UK)…in 2007 eshon was featured on jazzy jeff’s “return of the magnificent” cd and Hezekiah’s “i predict a riot”(rawkus records)…since then eshon has severed all ties with those and other secular artist, even passing up several record deal opportunities…now approaching his 8th release eshon is committed only to the Word of God and desires to continue to be used by the Father!….sorry, i’m leaving a lot out i’m really tired…and about to pass out…official bio in a few weeks…God Bless!