In my first year of playing college basketball, I remember losing passion for the game.  I wasn’t playing well, and my coach knew something was wrong.  He met with me one-on-one and I’ll never forget what he said:

“It’s a game – it’s supposed to be fun.”

After hearing that, it was like I could breathe again.  All the fun was taken out of the sport because I wanted to be perfect and the best which led to me constantly worrying about my performance, which in turned led to poor performances.  Instead of enjoying the sport I loved, I was driven by my performance and lost sight of the “fun” in the game of basketball.  After I met with my coach, I went on to have a great season as a freshman.

It’s no different with arts.  If you lose sight of the fun that comes with creating good art, you’ll lose your passion and end turn lose quality in the art.  Get back to having fun, being yourself, and creating art from your hearts!  It’s supposed to be fun – so enjoy it while you work hard at creating!