Elly Dolorosa is a artist born in Setubal, Portugal but currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Dolorosa’s father has always been the head of worship at their church in Portugal & in Toronto, but growing up Dolo strayed away from Gods word. At the age of 19 Dolorosa attended a youth retreat that really left a mark on him which eventually led him to decide it was time to start taking church seriously. It was a constant battle to live in the right, so Dolo decided it was time to express himself using music. He named his album Split Personality: Fighting Myself to express the battle he went through with temptation of the bad, but the want and need of the good. Dolo now uses his talents to be a voice for Gods word and is committed to living in the path of the righteous.


1. Master [DJ JayDee Intro] – Produced by Allrounda Beats
2. Get On My Level Feat. Skrip – Produced by xXx Productionz
3. How You Doing? Feat. Ty Hartz – Produced by King Faro
4. Golden – Produced by Elly Dolorosa
5. Michael & Pippen/Picture That – Produced by Loonee
6. Guide Us [Interlude] Feat. Nathan Da Silva – Produced by Mista Marcus
7. Be There Feat. Key Notez, Tanyka Jay & Ty Hartz – Produced by John Beats
8. Way Back – Produced by John Beats & Elly Dolorosa
9. Dreams Feat. Swift {fka R-Swift} – Produced by Ear2ThaBeat
10. Faith On Fleek (24Hrs) – Produced by Filthy Rich Beats & Elly Dolorosa
11. My Life (Destined To Be) Feat. Yung Saintz, Anthony Sawyers & Shopé – Produced by Ear2ThaBeat
12. Never Leave [Interlude] Feat. Deca Marciano – Produced by MG
13. Leanin Feat. J. Monty – Produced by Hollywood Legend
14. Underrated Feat. Blacka Da Don – Produced by Kreme & Elly Dolorosa
15. Famous Feat. Gyovannah Guimaraes – Produced by Cloud18 & DJ Ben Lopez
16. Curable Feat. Why’el – Produced by Sinima Beats
17. April – Produced by Benny Liang
18. Ray Of Light – Produced by Ear2ThaBeat
19. BONUS: Never Let Go Feat. Nancy Santos – Produced by MindBlownBeats
20. BONUS: Feelin’ Good – Produced by KeeZy
21. BONUS: Sweet & Savory (Running Back 2 You) – Produced by Jones

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