“This particular season has shown me that people in today’s time want love and they want to be understood.”

Dwight Junior grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, a town of about 50,000 people, but says that he was a city kid at heart. His parents got divorced when he was very young and he says that when he was growing up, he was always looking for acceptance and relevance in the approval of others.

In middle school Dwight was very shy, but that changed in high school after he made some friends who loved to dance and started a dance group with them. “That’s where I really developed a passion and a personality, being able to mingle and be outgoing.”

“I used to write a lot, but I was very shy so I wouldn’t share it with anybody. My friend used to rap in the hallways at high school, and I would get mad at myself cause I wasn’t bold enough to rap in the hallway.”