Jesus said in John 8:56 “…Your father Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day.” The Jews were confused as to how someone like Him, Jesus of Nazareth could speak of a Patriarch as if He knows him, as if Abraham served Him. In other words Jesus claims that He is the one Abraham speaks of, that He is the promised Messiah sent from God. But Jesus also does something more for the Jews and for us reading, He claims to be God, the one men and women long for…He uses the biggest celebrity he can think of for the Jews to understand that those who follow Christ look forward to a greater savior, and greater leader, someone NOT of this earth. Jesus the second in the trinity. The Godhead.

We now rejoice in this life as CTZN’s to see the day of our lord, we long to see Him glorified in this life, but we patiently and pace for the day we can see Him high and lifted up and every knee bowing to Him. We look forward to See His Day.





Somebody told me, never try to be too heavenly, and win them with the pedigree, don’t try to be the one that looks alive when I ain’t/ plenty individuals who living hypocritical, who want to be considered when they’re climbing the rank/ so any way I figure is better than your endeavor, if I try to givem better than Im blind with a plank, every bodies on a level in a tangle with the devil, it’s a pot and a kettle in the sink…woe/ come to think of it, it mighta been a Pharisee…give a verdict of the way that we’re to go…try to kill’em wit a little bit of heresy…and lead’em a path of relying on ability, and never accountability, and never with the humility, count with me, a mill-y-on of the amenities, gain the world and lose your soul/ never come to reality, that you’re an enemy a foe/ I’m one of the realist who could ever do this, if you wanted to see me, I want you to see me go the hardest up into it, I might be walking in the middle of the bombs and the bullets, but a citizen is in it so gotta be affluent/ gotta be delivered from the mar and the sewage, now the monicker is anyone apart of the movement, now who would have ever thought, a men who betrayed a God and tried to portray God, could stand up Praise God/ Hold Up, what He has supplied, a new position…House of Cards, see the day, that he tops the charts, stacks the deck wit the wrath of God/ sin and death were an after thought, cuz He paved the path for these vagabonds, a juggernaut, Sayan power is slayin dragons…Kakarott (Goku)/ Go head (Go Head) pass it on, marvel at it Him, till we made it home, Haste the day, Haste the day, Marantha till the catacombs, And what you feelin in the bag of bone, had to be the one that giveth life alone, He could instead of savin any, wipe’em off, He coulda vindicated wit it like a boss/ Cuz they don’t make it own if they don’t see the vision, next to one who is risen, then they all superstition, askem whose sufficient, who is Him sent, who resents Him, youngyen who resists Him, let’s speed it up in case you missed it/ I’m similar to when they tried to pin Him in the synagogue, wondering if venom wasn’t running through the arms of a demonic gentlemen, we seen him when he would been a child when He’s young, when he’s running through the city, with a Father and a Mom, now He saying that He’s God, so i’m picking up my stone trying to rid Him of the job, cuz I feel a little judged, if it was for the blood, then I would have never made it…/


Y’all don’t know, this is glory in the making, in it’s own goal, on my life I can bank it, because the plot goes…on and Lord willing you make it, but it’s mine for the taking, till the encore, Pace until you…See My day, See my day//

Brother 3:

It’s all temporary we all gotta go to what they call cemeteries. But until I see that day I’ma feed my faith with a hope that we all would be marry hold up I know to y’all it seem scary but Christ coming back he at all wont teary. Just know when he died and he rose he divided the roads severed all the ties from the souls minds from the holds residue that hides in the soul all from the lies that were told. But all will behold the prize through the eyes of the chose. But gotta keep ya eyes on the road the signs on the road a lead you to a side of the road depending upon the side that you chose. Don’t end up on the side of the road it’s two sides to the road either narrow or wide is the road facts tho. Better yet truth yeah christ he died but then he resurrect too and since christ alive he can resurrect you not twice he died but still resurrect two. You gotta know when something brings change it always stims from something being slain see he had to die first to provide birth he redeemed us all that’s insane. Wait… Until they see that day I’ma hate it gotta be that way you think life is chill until Christ revealed and that debt you owe HE want to see that paid. You in the path of the rath of God that’s only half of God you want to see that rage? But Christ came and he satisfied the rath of God the only way we ever see that day ……if we believe in the work on the cross what it’s worth to the lost the blood that was paid for the cost (×2) so we pace in this race till the day he embrace what HE bought. (y’all know).

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