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NEW YORK: Rochester-based rapper, D-Will, is a dynamic talent with an amazing flow and even stronger testimony. As an adolescent, the now 31-year-old artist got caught up in the streets—selling drugs and dodging bullets, until he had a surprising encounter with God that ultimately saved his life. “One night I was leaving a mutual friend’s house who was a bonafide Jesus freak. After listening to her vivid details about the rapture (along with my A.D.D.) I was completely freaked out. I looked up and said ‘…as a matter of fact God if you’re real you have to show me right now!’ Instantly the sky began to flicker with lightning and thunder …we ran home and turned on CNN.”

From that moment on D-Will’s life took a turn for the best. ‘PROJECT M.O.G. [Men of God],’ the debut album from the energetic rapper and street evangelist documents this journey and is scheduled for release on January 22, 2016. The first single from the project and video, “Mr. Rogers” featuring Dre Murray and Charles Goose is available for free exclusively at

The music video for “Mr. Rogers” is as follows. 

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