What do you call Hip Hop that’s soulful, lyrical, and full of UPLIFTING pain? You call it D. Thomas. That’s what the newest Christian Hip-Hop artist, D. Thomas, gives his listeners in his newest album A Collection of Songs. Push play and begin to nod your head to the eccentric beat of Joy, while saying “Whoa!” to his lyrics and the way he spits his rhymes. Keep listening and get a little closer to God with “Need Your Help” while smiling to the joyful child voice singing at the end of the song. (You’ll be singing along too!) Then continue, and enter into a place of peace with “Ssssddd”. Last but not least, finish this collection with “Say What’s on my Mind” and boy does he have much to say! I hope you heard it all, because this song along with the whole collection is one you don’t want to miss.


Track List:

  1. Joy
  2. Running My Mouth
  3. Need Your Help ft. Tobyn Thomas
  4. He Can Relate (Produced By John Boston)
  5. Rescue Me
  6. Fallen
  7. Sssddd
  8. Pressure
  9. Save Me ft. Jeffason
  10. Say What’s on My Mind

*All Songs written, produced, and recorded by D. Thomas independently.

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Facebook: SavedSupreme
Twitter: @dennislthomasjr
Instagram: @dennislthomasjr