On October 16th 2012, Tri-state based MC/songwriter/producer CONQUEST (Born Jason Andre Roberts) releases “Concealed Weapon” his latest street single off his forthcoming FALL 2012 album “RADICAL DEPARTURE”. On an album that is already socially & spiritually relevant, “Concealed Weapon” is easily the most socio-politically charged track on Conquest’s 5th full length LP. This new song is unique in that in it’s a two part look at RACE & THEOLOGY/RELIGION being used as unsuspecting agents of injustice, division & death amongst people of the world, hence the title “Concealed Weapon”.

Musically, Conquest wanted to illustrate the idea of being attacked & oppressed in society by hidden agendas, differing religious beliefs or examples of deep rooted hatred based on ethnicity. In the 1st verse, Conquest mainly addresses the race issue, from the reasoning behind voting for or against to Barack Obama to the Trayvon Martin & Troy Davis controversies. Conquest’s point was to show that even though race relations in this the U.S. and the world has improved from the times of the civil rights movements of the 60’s, RACISM is still an extremely prevalent issue that any race is capable of and can arise at any given moment to oppress the intended target.

The second half of the song deals with theological stances being used by Christians as “weapons” to attack each other as well as unbelievers. Conquest, grieved by destructive in person & social network debates between certain Calvinists & non-Calvinists in the Christian faith for example, was quickly moved to speak on this directly, Inspired by 1 TIMOTHY 6:2-5, Conquest challenges those who rather “win an argument” or be “prideful with their theological knowledge” than bring resolution, love & greater understanding of God’s word amongst in people, even in correction.”Concealed Weapon” is not anti-Calvinism but it is against any idea of any belief system of surpassing GOD & the sacrifice of his son JESUS CHRIST in importance to the point it divides the church as an effective whole.

“Concealed Weapon” was produced by D. STEELE: & & “Concealed Weapon” (TR VERSION) was produced and mixed by TOP RANK a.k.a. TR: Both versions were mastered by DON RATNEY