City Takers, is an urban ministry headed by rapper Scott Free. Based in Atlanta, City Takers had humble beginnings in helping with local soup kitchens, visiting prisons, and sharing the gospel through street performances of hip hop. Fast forward to today where City Takers now has a monthly gathering of creatives with breakdancing, DJs, hip hop concerts, and a facility where they are also hosting church services. Additionally, City Takers has now official joined forces with Crossover Church of Tampa, Florida to launch Crossover Church ATLANTA. Crossover Church has been a forerunner of reinventing church to be culturally relevant in an age where churches are not seen as keeping with the times. Pastor Tommy Kyllonen, of Crossover Church Tampa, has been lauded by Rick Warren of Saddleback church as a visionary and has been a mentor of Pastor Tommy for a number of years. Scott Free and his wife Tami, who was also a criminal defense lawyer and now freelance attorney, are pastors of Crossover Church Atlanta

This weekend, City Takers and Crossover Church Atlanta are hosting a BBQ in preparation for their church launch in the fall. The event will be at the City Takers facility…

Sunday June 16, 11:30am
1300 Joseph E. Boone
Atlanta, GA 30314

Come and join a great set of people doing incredible work in the city of Atlanta.