Widely considered the fight of the century, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao goes down today. Mayweather will be defending his undefeated record when he steps in the ring with 8-division world champion Pacquiao.

We decided to ask a slew of Christian hip-hop artists for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao predictions. Check out their answers below.

Thi’sl – Pac Man!! I think Floyd is one of the best fighters of all time but I’m hoping Pac will be his Frazier.

Tony Tillman As much as I want Pac to win, I believe Floyd is gone beat him!

Keno Camp – Pac Man all the way.

Jackie Hill Perry – Mayweather.

Dre Murray – 50 Cent.

Derek Minor – Money Mayweather.

Angie Rose – I think Mayweather might take this one.

Social Club – The underdog Pac Man!

Json – Floyd.

Ty Brasel – Pac by KO.

Whosoever South PAC, All Day Errday.

J.R. – I got Manny baby!!!!!

Je’kob – Manny all day!!

Witness If Mayweather can dance all night then he will win but if Manny tags him it’s over. #TeamPacman

John Givez – PAC MAN!

Gifted Of RAW – I have Floyd… Manny is powerful but Floyd is too intelligent.

V. Rose – Manny Pacquiao!!

Chris Chicago – PAC MAN!!!!

KJ-52 – Balboa

TSO – I got Pac because you get more money for the rematch if he wins. Pac Man my vote!

Playdough – I got nobody man. I don’t follow boxing but thanks for including me.

Urban D. – I’m praying for Manny!

FEDEL – Mayweather

Young Noah – Manny Fresh!

Uncle Reece – I’m a Manny Pacquiao fan but I think Floyd Mayweather will win.

OB OnBeatMusic – Pacman!

Pettidee – Mayweather.

TRU-SERVA – Mayweather.

Rey King – Mayweather all day Brodie. The best boxer of all-time.

Butta P.K-Nuff  from Rhema Soul – Pac Man!!!!!

KB – Ok…let’s talk about the issue. Who do you have winning Saturday!? Manny Pacquiao OR Manny Pacquiao? ‪#‎notatypo‬ (Via KB‘s Facebook music page)

Who do you got in today’s fight?

Do you agree with your favorite rapper?

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