Finally, a change of pace!  CHH is our bread and butter, but artists like Chris Cobbins are rare.  The urban gospel genre is wide open and Cobbins is moving in to stake his claim.  He has more than made his argument as being one of best voices in urban gospel music.  Cobbins has smashed countless features for some of the best in CHH.  He’s been nominated for a Grammy and even snagged a Stellar and Dove award.  Not many artists can roll out a resume’ riddled with accomplishments before they even release an official album.

Hello World is a befitting title because Cobbins is introducing himself as the new face of urban Christian music and reintroduce himself to his faithful followers.  I expected to hear an extended version of The Medicine and a more polished version of Get Well Soon.  Hello World is a body of work that knows no color, race, or background.  Cobbins isn’t an artist that can be pigeonholed into one genre of music.  On another plane, Hello World displays the fruit of an awesome musical partnership between Cobbins and Tha Kracken.

I was extremely satisfied to hear the pop influenced “Masterpiece.”  This song inspires the listeners to see themselves as a finished work of art admired by the one who created them.  “Save The Villain” sparked a bit of nostalgia with familiar sounds from the best decade ever, “the 80’s.”  Tha Kracken reached back 3 decades and came up with a sick echoing drum kit and electric guitar.  The content of  “Save the Villain” is baseline for all who at some point played the bad guy.  Chris displays lyrical creativity explaining how those who’ve committed offences long to find grace and forgiveness for their mistakes.

 “The Future” is reminiscent to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”  Cobbins and Tha Kracken construct a sleek alternative to traditional praise and worship.  “The Future” expresses every true believer’s desire to worship God for all eternity.  I couldn’t help getting loss in the haunting vocals.  “O.T.L” (Jumpin) is destined to be a crossover success.  Cobbins refuses to allow fear and naysayers to keep him on the ledge of life.  This song has so much appeal and could easily be played on any radio station across the globe.

Hello World is an album in which Chris is able to flex his creative muscles, both lyrically and stylistically.  He also displays his God-given ability to flat-out sing on “Killer.”  In the midst of Hello World’s creative whirlwind, Cobbins gives a nod to CHH with “Aye Yah,” “Rep,” and “One.”  Hello World features guest appearances from Ruslan of  The BREAX, Tony Tillman, Lecrae and more.  Debut ablums don’t get much better than this.  Yeah, I know he had a running start with a handful of previous releases, but he avoided complacency and comfort in order to provide us with an incredible album.

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