Former Clear Sight Music DJ, Cho’zyn Boy, recently caught up with Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago and spoke on an upcoming project and race relations in Ferguson.

Cho’zyn Boy is going to release a new EDM mixtape that includes Christian hip-hop artists during spring of this year.

He parted ways with FLAME’s Clear Sight Music so he could focus on his vision of quality Christian EDM projects and performances.

“It was an amazing time,” Cho’zyn Boy said in an interview with Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago at SXSW 2015.

“I let go on my own terms. I’m still open to working with them again. I felt it was a better business decision with my branding of Christian EDM. You know I’ve been really wanting to go full–fledged into Christian EDM. I feel like, sometimes it’s a conflict of interest where I can’t really showcase the EDM side of me. When people think of Cho’zyn Boy, while they may think of Christian EDM, most people think of strictly Christian hip-hop because they see me with FLAME and they figure that’s what they are going to get and I’m like ‘Well…actually.’”

In addition, the Algoriddim-ambassador is from St. Louis, Missouri and has been active in his community during the recent racial tension in Ferguson, that’s been watched on TV across the nation since the death of Michael Brown in 2014.

Cho’zyn Boy spoke on where he felt race relations currently are in Ferguson.

“It’s right around my neighborhood so I try to keep informed with what’s going on as well as try to keep peace while I’m out there,” Cho’zyn Boy said. “I felt like it was getting a lot better over the past few months, but recently last week with the two cops getting shot the tension is kind of rising again, but I’m still optimistic that God is going to work through it.” (Interview Conducted During SXSW 2015 – March 18)

Cho’zyn has toured with FLAME, V.Rose, Mike REAL, Family Force 5, KB, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and Thi’sl, among others.

Are you looking forward to an EDM mixtape that features some of your favorite Christian hip-hop artists? 

Continue to keep Ferguson in your prayers.

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