The CHH (Christian Hip-Hop) community has done a lot of good. CHH artists have delivered inspirational music that impacts listeners around the world. They’ve been positive forces in their communities. Of course, the Gospel is communicated through the art of rap. With that being said, as members of this community, it would be fake to highlight the good without addressing where we fall short.

Sexism is a topic that the CHH community has embarrassingly failed at. Women within CHH have been denied opportunities to tour, make music, sign with labels, and more, due to their gender and the stereotypes tagged to them (men might be tempted because of CHH women/looks wrong/inconvenience/false notion that females emcees can’t rap well and there is only certain jobs they should do). This is wrong and sexist. Women shouldn’t be treated as sex objects, seen as automatic temptations, and made to feel inferior. Especially in a community that consists of believers. They are sisters in Christ. Qualified to communicate the truths of Jesus Christ. The women in Christian Hip-Hop are just as dope as the men in it. Butta P, Natalie Lauren, Jackie Hill Perry, Angie Rose, Heesun Lee, Sicily, Erica Mason, and Wande, among many others, can spit better than most of the artists we see being hyped up. They don’t deserve to have unnecessary setbacks. If an artist is dope, they should be celebrated regardless of their gender. The stereotypes and excuses are false and lame. Many men need to repent of their thought patterns on this subject.

We need to work towards solutions, which is why this conversation is happening.

Cataphant, singer/songwriter and founder of @YOUNGXLADY, got the conversation started by exposing this situation via Twitter. The hashtag #CHHSexism (which trended worldwide) is how you can track the convo on social media. Read some of the #CHHSexism tweets below.

Let’s begin to highlight female CHH artists more. Let’s find ways for them to get the opportunities and shine they deserve. What do you think CHH, as a community, can do to take steps towards fixing this issue? Keep this situation in prayer.