“Celena Lena wasted no time getting comfortable in the industry, as she has already found her niche as a female Hip Hop artist with this debut album”


Celena Lena (@iamcelenalena)

Celena Lena has rapidly established herself as a favorite among christian rappers throughout the country. Based in the Twin Cities, Celena Lena is the total package! She is beautiful with a witty personality, who has a heart to serve people, loves Christ, and an electrifying performer with a lot of swag! Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Celena Lena currently resides in the Twin Cities. 

After many years of observing her family do Christian Hip Hop, Celena Lena developed a love and passion for the ministry. Celena Lena partnered with Nick Hall and Pulse (one of the largest christian evangelism organizations in the world) for a High School tour back in 2017. Performing in front of thousands of students, she has now mastered her craft.

As a result, Celena Lena has positioned herself as a highly sought after artist with her hit singles and debut record. Celena Lena is humble and down to earth with a smile that is contagious and will light up the room. She is the real deal, and a true role model for young girls across the world!

“I Go By Lena”

Celena Lena’s debut record, “I Go By Lena” features 16 hot songs with a wide variety to its sound. With songs like “Focus” that have a pure hood/trap sound to it, to songs like “Teach” that sound like an R-n’-B song when it first comes on, Celena Lena offers all types of styles of music on this record.

Celena Lena sends a message to her generation through her music and is very clear about how she has taken her experiences and translated them through lyrics and a melody over a beat to influence and inspire.

To no surprise, she features her brother, Tytist on 3 songs on the album, with a fan-favorite being “Hit The Gas”. Hit The Gas has a cutting-edge mainstream appeal that can be played in any setting and is a certified hit song! The music video was released the day the album dropped and is taking off in numbers.

In conjunction, Celena Lena also got her other 14 year-old brother’s, Christopher Jordan, feet wet as he makes his first musical appearance singing the chorus in “Never Lose”.

“I Go By Lena” is an album that deserves a quality look and a lot of respect as the production is top-notch and serves as an outlet to this next generation when presenting the gospel.

Up-and-coming Celena Lena has much in store coming up and a promising future if she keeps releasing content as such. Take a listen to “I Go By Lena” at the link provided below and spread the word about this new female Christian Rap artist that cannot go unnoticed.

Celena Lena – Hit The Gas feat. Tytist