In a time when you can be discriminated against because of your race, religion, gender, or class; it seems nearly impossible to get ahead in life. Fear, depression, anxiety, and uncertainty are inner beasts that people wrestle with every day. With his official debut album Never Back Down, Carl Fontaine hopes to be a vanguard for change that will ignite the fires of fearlessness for this generation.

Carl Fontaine has been working diligently for the past two years to build a grassroots movement of supporters throughout North America. Fontaine’s goal is to instill confidence in people through his music so they can overcome their fear and become a generation of fearless individuals who relentlessly pursue their God-given purpose.

Never Back Down is a collection of fun, high-energy, uptempo songs that give insight to Carl Fontaine’s philosophy. The diverse production on the album was crafted by the versatile producer Dav D Beats, who has worked with some of the best artists in CHH and mainstream Hip Hop. The project features an all-star cast of emcees such as Surf Gvng, Swift, Curtiss King, Davis Absolute, Kyra De’Nae and more. Never Back Down has been carefully developed over the past year in order to ensure that the standard of excellence was never sacrificed so that it would bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is meant to be a soundtrack for people who are dedicated to honor God and live a life of fearlessness.


1. Intro
2. Chuck Taylors
3. Lemonade (feat. Surf Gvng)
4. Never Back Down
5. Lebron James (feat. 1K Phew)
6. Get Up
7. Look At Me Now (feat. Young C)
8. Royalty
9. Happy Joy (feat. Curtiss King)
10. Moxxy (feat. Kyra De’Nae)
11. Lyrical Excercise (feat. Traxx, Davis Absolute, and Mike Testa)
12. On The Road (feat. Swift)
13. Fontaine Files Ep. 6

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All tracks produced, mixed, and mastered by Dav D Beats

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