Brinson just published his first book, Top 10 Things Every Christian Hip Hop Artist Should Know.   It follows on the heels of Brinson launching his podcast, of which he’s into 50 episodes thus far.  (We air Brinson’s show every weekend here on our Jam the Hype radio stream.)  The book is 38 pages and comes from Brinson’s practical tips of being someone in the trenches doing ministry and music for years.  His tips are practical, insightful, and a good reminder of what’s important (Gospel first, protecting your heart, building an email list, and many others…)  We caught up with Brinson this last week to talk to him about some essential parts of pulling together a music career.

What’s your best tip for getting booked?
“Booking tip thats easy. I think artists should gas up their cars and go to as many ministries that are open to Christian hip hop up to 100 miles from home. Sow into the ministries and let them know how serious you are about ministry. Go serve, help the pastor, youth pastor, and be a servant. People just need some face time with you, feel you out and once they see you in action, it should be good if it’s God’s will. We gotta do the possible take some risks and see what happens.”

Why did you write this book?
“I wrote 10 Things for a few reasons. I have a strong music business background, and over the years I’ve consulted a ton of labels, and artist christian and secular. I compiled a ton of the things people asked me into this book. Secondly, I thought about the rappers that came before me and then things I wished I would have been warned about I wrote those things. I want to do for the next generation of Christian rappers who rep Christ to the fullest, the things that the guys before me didn’t hand down to me.”

What’s your most cost effective tip?
“One of the things artist can do that is the most cost effective is to continue to talk about their project. Once we stop pushing our music in our talk it’s game over. The more we continue to talk, tweet, text about it the more people will have it on their minds.”

How does ministry affect the music that you do?
The ministry of the Gospel should be the foundation of everything that we do. I think about how guys like Swift (aka R-Swift) Corey Red & Precise, Todd Bangz, the Grapetree squad – how they helped my life.  They gave me an alternative to the cancerous secular music that was eating the goodness from my soul. I know first hand how the music can be used as a vehicle to get you closer to Jesus. Also, it can help keep kats out of the club and so many other pitfalls. Just switching up your music to godly music is so powerful in so many ways. It changed me, the music I make has changed people, and God continues to use it to do so.

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