White Flag is a call to surrender in a world that would much rather continue to seek selfish pleasures and fight God. We were each created for a unique purpose by a God who loves us much more than we love ourselves. Whether it be surrendering our many sins into the hands of Jesus or putting down our guns and surrendering our lives and plans to Him, we were made to surrender. Anyone who truly wants to impact the world must first be willing to humbly bow a knee and surrender his life to the one who created it.



1. Storybook
2. Trust & Obey (feat. Clay of the Potter)
3. Man of Steel (feat. Janae Fair)
4. Calico Sailing
5. Riptide (feat. CMoore, Rae, & James Robbie)
6. White Flaggin’ (feat. Rob Spencer)
7. Testing the Waters (feat. Jon Adams)

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