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Artist: Big R
Album: Last/First
Release Date: November 23, 2010
Label: Clean Rich Records/GodChaserz Ent.
Hometown: Granite Quarry, NC
Bio/Notes: Clean Rich Records/GodChaserz Entertainment artist Big R pays tribute to one of gospel hip hops pioneers, T-Bone, in his fresh new single “Demon Murderer,” off of his upcoming project enitled Last First, set to drop on November 23, 2010. The song plays off of two very popular T-Bone songs, “Demon Killa” and “Demon Executor” (hear both songs below).

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In “Demon Murderer” Big R figuratively uses murder to describe his deep hatred for demonic forces operating in people’s lives, and desires to see the power of Satan put to an end once and for all.

Big R says, “Ultimately demons won’t totally be destroyed until Jesus places the Devil and all his demonic angels in the eternal lake of fire, he too understands that the evil forces that oppose the Kingdom of God are real and relevant. He believes Christian artists should address the seriousness of demonic warfare now more than ever because of the all out attacks on God’s people and Church. The same spirit that lives in Christ lives in us. Therefore, there should be a unyielding desire in all of us to destroy the works of the devil.”

Back in the mid 1990’s Big R was grinding for the Kingdom of God in a group called Choir Boy Ent. He was one of the artists in the rap duo “Holy Rollaz,” and had been born again about 4 years at this point. He had grown up spiritually under gospel hip hop pioneers Idol King, DOC (Disciples of Christ) and Mr. “Demon Killer,” himself T- Bone. Big R says, “These were just a few of the artist who had a strong influence in my life as a young Christian MC. At that stage in my walk with God, these Christian artists were as popular and influential as Lacrea, Pettidee, and other influential artist of today. Big R exclaims, I can still remember how hearing T-Bone’s, “Demon Killer,” and “Demon Executor,” made me feel empowered, and emboldened, to cast out, and rebuke any demon that tried to stand in my way. I felt like I could do anything through Christ after hearing those songs. Whenever I write music, I am influenced and motivated by those that came before me, and sowed valuable seed in my life such as brothers like T- Bone. Through his music we learned to take authority over the demonic world through Christ and possess souls, and seize back our rightful place in the Kingdom of God.” Big R says that he also learned that no demon in hell or on Earth can stand in the way of our goals, aspirations, and dreams if we would walk in the courage that God gave us. Many of these ideals were acquired through this life changing music.