Since then Beacon Light has released three albums, and his newest project, Lit, makes it four. Lit’s concept goes along the lines of

“If God is moving inside of you powerfully, you should be able to see something on the outside change.”

To record this album, Beacon Light would get into a studio with a producer who would make beats while he made samples of different sounds. “Whatever [production] inspires me to write, that’s what I write to.” He started with about thirty beat loops and ended up with eight songs.

“Haters” was the first single from Lit and was produced by B-Coe. Beacon Light says that “Haters” had a very similar temple to Swoope’s 2014 hit “Same Team” and actually wrote the hook while listening to that song’s instrumentals. He says that he will choose to love whoever hates him, instead of returning hate back towards them.

“You can feel me choosing to love my haters but it’s not necessarily an easy thing to do.”