The sequel to Applejaxx’ Jesus High series released on September 30th 2014. Jesus High is a series focused on lifting Jesus High in every area of life. Applejaxx explains: “Jesus High reminds us to lift Christ higher than everything else. Living for Christ includes dying to our flesh daily. With the right lenses we can see our future in Christ and not just focusing on the things of this world.”

The lead single, “Turn Up” produced by ReIVlity is an uptempo song featuring vocals from Trini. The concept is essentially encouraging the listener to have fun on the weekends after a long week! The 9-track album features guest appearances by: Trini, Corey Nixon, Granger, Odetta, Selah The Corner, Brinson and Sovocab. Production is handled by: ReIVlity, Oliver Grey, Kajmir Royale, Epik and Johnny Juliano.

We’re on the Jesus High just to balance out our lows.


1. Poker Face
2. Breaking Bad (feat. Corey Nixon)
3. Turn Up (feat. Trini)
4. Walk With Me (feat. Granger & Odetta)
5. IKYGM (feat. Je’kob)
6. Ric Flair (feat. Brinson)
7. Let It Go (feat. Sovocab)
8. Air Flights (feat. Selah The Corner)
9. Can’t Hold Me (feat. Je’kob)

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