October 20, 2015 (Bronx, NYC) – The young and upcoming artist Angie Rose who hails from the birthplace of hip-hop is debuting her newest single!

Angie Rose releases the single “Unstoppable.” The song samples a motivating speech by “Les Brown” with hard-hitting drums and a unique progressive lead synth. It features production from Cardec Drums and TeamJahRockn producers Chris Belmont, Edgar Lagares, and Emmanuel Cruz.

Within the song Angie speaks upon her past and how the suffering can lead you to success both spiritually and within your life. The record ends with a crowd friendly sing along chorus that’s addictive and leaves you hitting repeat.

If you’d like to be a part of this campaign to promote this life changing truth post a picture with a sign that says IMUNSTOPPABLE or post a video anywhere on social media explaining why you’re unstoppable and make sure to hashtag IMUNSTOPPABLE and tag @Angierosemusik.

Connect with Angie Rose here:
Facebook: @IamAngieRose
Twitter: @AngieRoseMusik
Instagram: @AngieRoseMusik

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