Angie Rose, rapper from the Bronx, and long time member of the Christian hip hop community, gets signed to Capitol Christian Music Group and immediately they go beast mode on a high budget video. Angie has long been regarded as one of the dopest in the game, with a huge heart to match. She’s taken much of the last year to do humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico, delivering food and water, and helping create an afterschool program for kids. She covered her adventures via vlogging. Many wondered what she was up to musically but she was working behind the scenes on some major material.

Long time creative director Jr. Martinez (aka @thexbakery) has been diligent keeping up Angie’s brand with dope visuals via album covers and videos. It looks like Jr’s and Angie’s efforts have paid off with the new signing. Capitol Records appears to have sunk some money into this new short music video with wardrobe, actors, dancers, and big budget filming and editing.

Obviously, this is a teaser for something big coming, most likely a full-length album, which has been a long time coming.

We look forward to all that’s ahead for Angie and it’s well deserved.

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