This morning Andy Mineo, drummer/producer Black Knight, and Mr. Talkbox (tobyMac, NSYNC) perform “Now I Know” live on the Fox Affiliate in New York, Fox5.  They have a stripped down performance and Andy is comfortable in boots, sweats, and a 116 hat.  Andy’s currently touring his “Uncomfortable” record which hit 8 on the Billboard 200 albums.

The song “Now I Know” is an unusual collaboration as it features Mr. Talkbox, the former keyboardist for NSYNC and most recently the “utility man” for tobyMac.  Andy gets real on the song, lyrically, but uses a simple instrumentation and features Mr. Talkbox, which is a smart and retro move as the talkbox has been an essential part of funk and rap history.  Mr. Talkbox is a solo artist and is currently opening for Matthew West and Francesca Battistelli who are on tour together for Matthew’s “Live Forever Tour.”  Mr. Talkbox’s social media presence is strong and his “pic play post” videos have been going viral.  He recently sang a happy birthday to T-Pain on the talkbox which T-Pain reposted and went to several million views.   Mr. Talkbox was also sporting Grateful Apparel on the show this morning along with a Jamaica Jacobson bead necklace.  Both Grateful and Jamaica’s fashion items have been an essential part of the Christian hip-hop movement.

Black Knight has been heads down drumming with Andy, touring hard for the better part of 18 months both on Lecrae’s Anomaly Tour but now also on Andy’s Uncomfortable tour.  Black Knight has produced several tracks for the Reach Records team and also has been putting together his own artist collective together, the Rock Paper Scissors Music Group.  Black Knight has been quiet on the producing front recently, but it’s understandable when he’s had a lot of drumsticks in his hands.

Click here to watch the live performance on the Fox5NY website.