On the latest ‘The Work In Progress’ podcast, Andy Mineo, Cristina Mineo, and Del speak on mental health, therapy, and more. Mineo talked about how at times he gathered too many opinions during the creation process of his music. He let other people’s critiques get to him in a negative manner. His wife, Cristina Mineo, gave him some timeless advice. “Respect Your Opinion.”

Andy Mineo gives some insight into the two versions of “I Ain’t Done.” Beam produced the version you hear on the ‘Work In Progress’ project.

The podcast goes in-depth on various topics. Make sure you check that.

Shot By: Story For Story / Tommy Walton and Brian David Barnard

Edited By: Lonny Pelot

Also, check out Andy Mineo’s latest mixtape, ‘Work In Progress.’

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