The state of Ohio has always represented Christian Hip Hop (CHH) with dope artists. A few artists that come to mind are K-Drama, D-M.A.U.B., Yaves, Kambino, ReadyWriter, Jesus or Bust, Swoope, Lesun and now Deacon D.A.S. This Christian Rap vet has thrown his name in with a long list of quality emcees who have the hard task of winning the lost for Christ with their music.

Deacon D.A.S. has flooded the streets of Ohio for years with mixtapes that kept his audience waiting for this release. “OtherWorldy” is full of an ingredient that alot of albums lack in CHH – The Gospel. The first thing I noticed when listening to this project is that Deacon believes in Jesus and you cannot confuse what his agenda is. At a time when rappers are turning in their clergy collars for “other worldy” aims, this brother is about that life. That God life!

Let’s dive into Deacon D.A.S.’s “OtherWorldly”. From intro to outro the artists rhyming ability shines throughout. There is not one track on this album where the production outshines Deacon D.A.S. He is an emcee’s emcee. That means if you want lyrical wordplay, this is the album for you. Deacon D.A.S. will remind you of why you fell in love with hip hop.

From the jump, tracks like “Kingdom at Hand” and “Riding High” get your attention. People like me who like real life songs, will have “Give it Over” on repeat for days. It’s a classic that will feed your spirit for years to come. With lines like, “Though I got big problems, I serve a Bigger God/ and when I’m down to nothing He is up to something” show that he is giving all his problems to God. The first verse is very heartfelt and 100 percent real. Another stand out track is “Right or Wrong” where Deacon D.A.S. shows his apologetics skill. He poses the question to an unbeliever – What if you are right and there’s not a God? What if you are wrong? This track will make any evangelist proud. Track 6, “Worlds Apart” sounds like a throw back Tony Stone beat (which is awesome) and compliments Deacon’s rap style. “Always” shows shades of Kanye’s production when he was at his peak of dopeness. The track “Initiative” is where Deacon displays bars in a heavy way.

I personally thank God for artist who rep Christ while displaying this type of talent.   The only dull spot on this project was the mixing. A better mix would have done wonders for some of the production. It kept it from reaching optimal listening pleasure.

All in all, Deacon D.A.S.’s first full length project is a bright spot in the genre. OtherWorldly is a win for Deacon D.A.S., The Church, Christian Hip Hop, and the great state of Ohio. Dive into this album and you may have a new favorite emcee.

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