Michigan native Aaron Moon is doing some serious work on his new album Re:Mastered. This is his third album, and he continues to show his growth and is impressive with his lyrics and flow. Aaron’s passion is to see people drawn to Jesus Christ as Lord of their life and to encourage fellow Christians in their walk. This album does a great job of not only communicating his passion but also displaying it. Re:Mastered was birthed during a five-year season where Aaron felt that God had placed him through a process of refinement. The theme of this album is change, and it can be the big changes that we go through in our walks, as well as the small, incremental changes that we can make on a daily basis to improve ourselves. It is an accumulation of life experiences both topically and musically.

It starts with the opening track, which serves as the title track “Re:Mastered.” On this joint, he raps about the refinement process that he has gone through. He writes, “I live radical, laterally fanatical. I’m screamin’ live for Jesus these heathens just think it’s laughable.” This lyric communicates what a lot of Christ followers go through when we make changes in our lives to identify with Christ. He encourages us to stick close to Jesus and fulfill the mission that He has given us.

On “Set the Scene,” he paints the picture of what it looks like to take a step back and see how God’s hand has been involved in our lives. He raps, “He formed the dirt and made my flesh. He exhaled and gave me breath. What kind of power is this? I want to get to know the God who made me.” Amen to that brother Aaron.

“Warning” serves as the first banger on this album. On this joint, he communicates about the dangers of playing with sin and living a life that isn’t glorifying Jesus. It has a dope bass line that fades in and out at the right moments. Mad props go out to the producer of this beat.

“Dancing with the Enemy” is a deep track that speaks on the pitfalls of playing games and standing to close to the fire. He tells of the way that we invite the enemy into our lives and how we need to keep our guard up regardless. It is vital not to let the enemy get a foothold on us. Ephesians 4:26-27

“Grace,” featuring Noel Henning, is one of my favorite joints on this album. It strongly communicates the grace of God and how much God loves and forgives us no matter what we do. The chorus speaks “Grace like rain, it falls on me. Oh, give me faith so I can see. My dark stained heart now white as snow. From the inside out God, you made me whole. Oh grace like rain, it falls on me. Oh, give me faith God, so I can see. My dark stained heart now white as snow. From the inside out God you made me whole.”

Overall, I like this guys lyrics and his flows are serious. Give this album a listen and you will be thankful that you did.

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