Aaquil teams up with Armond WakeUp to create a peculiar song titled “3”. “3” is the first single from Aaquil’s upcoming EP NWO x SPACESHIPS which is scheduled to be released this Fall.

Aaquil covers several different concepts involving the number 3. He seems to cover The Holy Trinity concept as well as us living in Body, Soul, Spirit. It always seems as though he’s always hinting to something a lot deeper, something a lot of folks might not be ready to understand. He says a lot of provoking things like “step back you don’t want that”, “why you acting so scared” as if he knows we are quick to dismiss whats new but at the same time he says “I know you want that” as if he knows as well that we do; if we would give it a chance to prove itself true; that is if we’re truly hungry. He hints to 3 as if its some sort of untold knowledge.
Armond on the other hand during the song displays a very strong point of view. From todays crazy expectations and how we as humans need to challenge todays way of living, also Christians today are quick to stone individuals for doing so. He is also very transparent with sharing his testimony on how his God is amazing.