West Texas-based Christian rapper 5ive is gearing up to release his third studio album, Ain’t Supposed To Be Here, on June 24. The “Winning”-crafter recruited noteworthy artists like Chris Cobbins, Dre Murray, Benjah, Je’kob, SPEC, and V.Rose, among others, to feature on his forthcoming project. 5ive recently chopped it up with Jam The Hype about his testimony, music, life and more.

Check out the dope interview below.

Jam The Hype: We were wondering if you could break down the concept of Ain’t Supposed To Be Here and how that whole project came together.

5ive: Yea man, of course. Just by building relationships and what not. I met Je’kob at Rock The Desert last year, which is a big Christian music festival. Well, the first time I had met him in person, we had been talking, because he did the feature for me on “Ignite (Light Of The World),” this track I did on my last album, which dropped July 19 of last year. I finally met him and then started chopping it up with him and building a relationship. A distribution company had approached me, I was telling Je’kob about it, and he was like, “let me hit up Derek Hoiem.” He sent Derek my album, Derek and I talked, and he was like we want to get you on our team (Save The City). Immediately, I just wanted to put something out to let people know who I am, where I come from, and why I’m at where I’m at.