5ive released a new album Me Against the World, Vol. 2. The album follows his 2017 Me Against the World EP. The tracklist is as follows.

  1. #Matw2 (feat. Victorious & Jordan Lucio)
  2. #DestinedForMuch (feat. Illuminate, Jordan Lucio & Omar)
  3. #WelcomeToChurch (feat. Spec & Bookie the Baby)
  4. #WitnessGreatness (feat. Bryann T. & John Angel)
  5. #DontMissYou (feat. Dru Bex & Korbvn)
  6. #NoFakeLove
  7. #ForeverKing [Remix] (feat. Datin)
  8. #iNeedYouMore (feat. J. Carter)
  9. #iNeedYouMore (feat. J. Carter)

You can get the album on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. You can listen on Spotify.

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