Hip-hop artist 5ive is making some serious noise with his latest release, Ain’t Supposed To Be Here. This album is a beautiful piece describing the struggles that he has endured as well as the victory and freedom that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. It is laced with great beats and lyrics from beginning to end. It also has a recurring theme that he shares with us, which is that he grew up without his dad, was addicted to meth, and was then delivered from it by Christ. He has guest appearances by Chris Cobbins, Dre Murray, Corey Paul. Benjah, Victorious!, Rachel Messini, Je’kob, SPEC, Flo, Buck Barnabas, Kre8tor, V.Rose, We Are Leo, and Cam, and they do a phenomenal job sharing their talents on this one.

The opening/title track, “Ain’t Supposed To Be Here,” featuring Chris Cobbins, paints a clear picture for the listener of what we are getting into when we plug in our headphones and turn up the volume. 5ive talks about the negative comments that he had heard as a child such as people telling him that he was going to be just like his dad who had abandoned him and was a drug dealer himself. 5ive spits, “Them words cut deep partner I ain’t hardly joking.” The message of this track is that he was supposed to end up like his pops and isn’t supposed to be the man that he is today. 5ive gives all of the credit and glory to God’s redeeming work in his life.

“Winning’ has a very captivating beat with the hand-clapping in the background. It makes you want to clap your hands along with it. The chorus shouts, “Going hard until the finish. Jesus came, now I’m winning.” Here he raps about the victory that we have in Christ and how only in Him are we truly winning. This is one that you want to blast with the windows down.

“Come Home” has a beautiful piano intro that lingers in the background for the rest of the track. Here he talks about the struggle of trying to find happiness and healing on your own and how we find true help only in Jesus. Benjah is on this track and he sings, “You’ve been tryna get it right for so long, tryna clean yourself only prolonged, couldn’t love you more, couldn’t love you less, so come on home to these open arms.” Those words speak volumes right there.

“Worship God’ has an epic sounding violin intro that leads you into a dope hook by V.Rose, “You could fly to the end of the world, but you’ll never find none like Him.” This is an anthem to all believers to worship God in all seasons and how we should always make time for Jesus in our lives.

The final track, “Freedom,” is my favorite one because it is extremely transparent. In it, he shares his entire story from being a kid when his dad walked out on him to his addiction to porn and marijuana. He also delves into his battle with depression, addiction to meth, and the suicidal thoughts that almost ended his life. He then shares how his entire life changed while encountering Jesus Christ and praying to Him. 5ive says that he was delivered right there on the spot. Such a wonderful reminder to the power that Christ has and His ability to rescue us no matter how “deep” we may think we are in sin.

Overall, this is a solid album and one that you want to get right now!

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