1. Derek Minor “Drop Crotch Pants needs to RIP”

2. T-Bone “Gotta kill Pants Saggin”

3. Je’kob “Kill the Grill, if it is for dental purposes than it’s allowed, if not, immediately return
it and get a refund!”

4. Dj Maj “SKinny junk on big boys #MustDie. Accept your process and size fam. Just the way you are
#BrunoMARS GO”

5. Beckah Shae “Crocs, Skulls, High Heeled Sneakers and High Waisted Jeans. Ugh! Do the Ducks Beards count? I know they are just getting started but they never should have!”

6. Kareem Manuel “Neon Leggings on Men! Tell Lil’ Wayne to cut it out!”

7. Canon “Baggy Denim Jeans, No More Tall Tee’s, Du Rags (STOP IT), Jean Shorts, Dirty Flip Flops with
the flower on top worn with socks, Airforce Ones, Airbrushed Anything!, Wiz Kahlifa Blond Strip (OVER
PLAYED OUT), Jesus Exclusive Clothing With Cheesy Christian Jargon (BE CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL)

8. George Lott AKA GL “BOW TIES!!!”

9. J.R. “Bright Colored Skinny Jeans, Cornrolls and the Hobo Look!”

10. KJ-52 “Jean Shorts that are long enough to be pants, Kefiyah Scarves, Dirty Airforce Ones, Throwback Basketball Jerseys”