Timothy Brindle Releases New Album and Book

Lamp Mode Recordings artist Timothy Brindle released a new album on Friday. The Unfolding is his first project since 2012’s The Restoration. Known for using his music to explain theological concepts, the shortest song on The Unfolding is just under five minutes and the longest song exceeds fourteen minutes!

The Unfolding is not only an album, it is also accompanied by a 400-page book! Brindle says,

The Unfolding book and album present the centrality of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the overarching storyline of God’s Word.

The project explains how the Old Testament is centered around the point of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

You can get the album The Unfolding on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. You can listen on Spotify. You can get the book on Lamp Mode’s Online Store.