Thi’sl Reveals Details On New Music, Book, & More

On March 5, Jam The Hype reported that Thi’sl recorded a new album in less than a week. He crafted 12 new songs in six days. At SXSW 2015, Thi’sl revealed details on various projects he is currently working on in an interview with Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago.

The Motivation-rapper plans to hit up a few cities to do some more recording and release a mixtape and an EP in the summer. Thi’sl was going to randomly drop the project on March 17 but decided to take his time so he could reach the mainstream market in a more efficient way.

“When I go back home from here [SXSW 2015], my plan for the next week is to go home and record songs,” said Thi’sl to Chicago. “I plan to go to Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami to work on some music. The EP will have a couple songs that aren’t on the free version.”

Thi’sl also spoke on why he’s putting out two versions and why it wasn’t dropped when he planned.

“I know a lot of people don’t like the DJ on the songs. Some people don’t want to be riding in their car in the summertime and you keep hearing so-and-so. What was going to originally happen, when I went and recorded the songs, I was just going to drop them on March 17 secretly. I was going to get it mixed and everything, people were going to wake up March 17, and I was going to say ‘Yo, I just put out a record.’ Once we started doing the songs and they started turning out the way that they did, I was just like ‘Let’s take time to really do this and put some push on it.’ We want to make sure we do it right.”

Thi’sl is also gearing up to put out a book but is wrestling with whether or not he should self-publish it. The St. Louis, Missouri-based urban missionary also expressed that he had to be wise with how he wrote the book so that it could appeal to different demographics.

Those who are familiar with the Full Ride rapper know that sometimes he can talk in ways that may be difficult for some to understand.

“We’ve actually edited out a bunch of my ebonic terms. I’m still keeping some. It’s minimal, but there are some words that I had to use over and over again because that’s what I really would have said at that time. I think I’m going to have like a small urban dictionary in the back.”

Thi’sl gave a summary of what else is in the works.

“I got a couple of different situations going on the table. I’m trying to pan through some situations. This year, Lord willing, everything [will] go the way it’s supposed to go. It’s going to be crazy and I just plan on seeing everything expand man.”

In addition, Thi’sl is working on a tour for the near future.

Thi’sl’s Fallen King dropped in 2014 and charted at #11 in the Billboard Rap Albums category.

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