The Theme of Lecrae’s ‘Gravity’ + Release Date

Lecrae‘s Album ‘Gravity’ will release on September 4th 2012!

He talks about the theme of ‘Gravity’ in an interview with Family Christian: “Gravity is loosely
based on Ecclesiastes and I think what Solomon was trying to do was bring some
weight to life and that’s really what I want to do, to paint some sober
pictures. Honestly everything sober is not bad so I don’t want people to think
that sober pictures are bad. You know, there is a sobering picture when you’re
overwhelmed with all of the hurt and the pain in this world. There’s a sober
picture of how it’s only for a short period of time, it’s short-lived, or that
we still have Jesus. So that’s what I would call a weighty part, a gravitational
pull to remind us of who we are in Jesus. So obviously, just wanting to paint
hope, but also just giving the pictures of the realities of this life that we
live, and how there’s no escaping it other than Jesus.