Steven Malcolm Shares Testimony and Talks New Album

“Never Let You Go” is an emotional song where Steven Malcolm communicates that he will never let go of his relationship with Jesus. “God loved us so much that he sent his only son Jesus to die for us. To send your son, and even for Jesus to live a perfect life, and to die for us, the cross was the most humiliating, painful death there was back then. To even know that your people are going to still not believe in you, going to still sin every day and still betray you, but still God displays that love each and every day for us.”

Malcolm says, “You never let us go, so I’m never letting You go.”

“Party In The Hills” is a song about celebrating God’s blessings. The song features Andy Mineo and singer Hollyn. “[It relates to] Just having fun and celebrating success or getting an A on a test. It’s just a song about celebration and enjoying and partying.” Malcolm first met Hollyn at a music festival and has kept in contact with her. He and his producing team, COBRA, thought she would make a great addition to the song.

“Listen, I have a crazy cereal addiction… Cereal is my favorite food. Cereal is one of the best creations. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch, I love it all.”

With this album being true to himself, he wanted to make a song about cereal, one of his favorite things in life. “People who know me will literally know that song is real and came from a real place.” Cinnamon Toast crunch is his favorite cereal.

Outside of music, Steven Malcolm enjoys boxing, basketball, and watching movies.

“I’m a really chill dude, so I can sit back, eat cereal, and watch movies all day.”

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