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Not too many Christian rappers can claim the following title: “Journalist by day and Rapper by night.” But somehow Serious Voice juggles all of that and more. After penning stories on women in sports and completing a music set at a local or national venue, she is also co-managing an internet radio station, playing mommy to a precocious 8-year-old, wife to radio personality MrC and directing her home church choir in Massapequa, New York.

Now, with quite a few versions of her breakout Mixtape ARE YOU SERIOUS under her belt, several musical collaborations, a women’s tour she founded called SAAB, Serious Voice has finally released her debut album “Shofar.”

“I feel like I’ve been pregnant all these years with this album and now I’ve finally delivered and it feels amazing,” said Serious Voice.

Featuring Christian Rap Minister Dee Black (FL), International Reggae artist Marshall One (Jamaica), JSwagg (Long Island, NY), BattleGround City (AZ), and award winning radio personality MrC (NYC), the project promises to keep you on your toes.

The Album Shofar is not short of great producers. Award Winning Producer Geeda lends to the Anthem track, Brooklyn based producer MooreBeats aka Lenny Moore contributes S.O.S, THIRSTY RMX, CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP, while So Fo Real takes the baton and runs with Mind Games, Product of the Street, Woah, Dance and Take It To The Altar, and up and coming producer Adam Hill gives the title track Shofar it’s grittiness and just the right attitude to educate the listener on fighting the battle of life.

Serious Voice has been careful to not have her album sounding like others that have been released recently. She specifically enlisted Lenny Moore to re-create that old school mixed with just the right new school sound to share her heart on Shofar.

“There’s something that’s been lost in the new wave of music. People are not really getting it. Yes, they are banging their heads, but most times the music is lacking in message and the impact is next to none,” said Serious Voice.

Hailing from New York City, Serious Voice says she separates herself from other females in that she does “not rhyme about nothing. I try to do everything with a purpose behind it and to make an impact on those who listen.”

Mind Games ft Marshall One
Product of the Street FT Dee Black, Mr. C
School Warz
Woah FT Mr.C
Cant’ Stop Won’t stop
Take It To The Altar FT BG City
That’s Why


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