Seckond Chaynce & KB “Enough” “I’m Pride”

I’m Pride{audio}hga-i’m_pride{/audio}
Artist: Seckond Chaynce & KB
Featured: DJ JLaRgE
Production: Jesus Christ
Release Date:
Label: Come Hard Ent.
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Bio/Notes: KB and Seckond Chaynce come from different avenues of life to form a group called H.G.A. (His Glory Alone). KB stayed committed to Christ throughout his youth while Seckond Chaynce did his own thing. God drew both men unto himself and is now using them in a BIG way for His glory! You may have heard KB and Seckond Chaynce on DJ Official’s last cd, as they were on the track entitled “GO” with Tedashii. Check them out NOW and you can find more music of them at,, or at DJ JLaRgE’s site DJ JLaRgE promotes artists who are all about God’s glory and not their own. If you are interested in being promoted for God’s glory you may contact him through his website.