Relikis – I Am Relikis [Album Review] (May 29, 2012)


Hip-hop artist Relikis began performing music at the early age of 14 years old.  Starting his professional career when he was 18, he released his debut album “Soulja City” in 2006.  The album garnered two #1 singles, “I Stand Alone” and “Don’t Think About It,” on the Radio and Records chart.  Since then, Relikis has opened for big musical acts such as MercyMe, Grits, and Manafest.  He won best rap song of the year in the New Mexico Music Awards in 2007, and he gained mainstream success in 2008 with his single “In My Heart.”  This latest song is featured on Relikis’ new album titled I Am Relikis.  His philosophy is both simple and deep: “To live big and dream bigger.”

The head-bobbing “Oooo Weee” kicks off the record and is a solid opening for the album.  While keeping the listener moving to the beat, Relikis states “I only need that One on my team,” and that his mission is for God.  Relikis reflects his state of blissfulness in “In My Heart” which sounds like a song one would sing to his wife or girlfriend, talking about how he enjoys spending time with her.  “Never Back Down” goes over Relikis’ recent past when he first entered the music scene and what his current focus is.  My favorite line comes from the second verse: “I got a message to give / so Imma give it / One love, one God / Right, Imma live it.”

“Life Music,” which features Sevr1 from The Alumni, has a party music feel, particularly during the chorus, and is a great listen.  One of my favorites off the album, “One More Time” speaks of a woman who is hurting and wants someone to “save her” from the pain she is in.  This track features Rena who provides a beautiful touch to it.  After a piano-based intro, Relikis dives into “Salute to the King” and praises the Lord.  With strings and a strong-beat, the anthemic song gets the listener excited to salute God as our King.

A highlight on the album is “We Put It Down” for the fact that it features Reach Records artist PRo, someone any hip-hop fan should know.  The combination of PRo and Relikis makes this track very enjoyable for listeners.  Following the short track “Fire Reign” (in which Lazrah makes a guest appearance), Relikis joins with Chris Chicago and the Gospel Ganstaz for “Bouncin’ Wit The Lean.”  I found this track to have an exceptional tune and the Gospel Ganstaz to be one of the best guest artists on the album.

Relikis closes the album with the songs “You Got Me,” which features Othello, and the title track.  In “You Got Me,” Relikis raps about falling in love with someone who he will always support.  “No matter what we go through, I will hold you.”  The title track is an anthem that lets people know just who Relikis is as well as Who rules his life.  As one of the best tracks on the record, “I Am Relikis” is an excellent closer to the album of the same name.

This may just be Relikis’ sophomore album, but he is already making a lot of headway in hip-hop music.  I Am Relikis serves as a great introduction to anyone who is new to Relikis and his music.  People who are already fans of the artist will be quite satisfied with this release and will surely be asking for more!  In short, this record contains strong and catchy beats as well as great guest performances.  With this solid release, I am interested in seeing where Relikis’ road takes him as he continues to grow in the music field.  For all you Christian hip-hop fans, I Am Relikis is certainly worth the buy!

Check out the video for the title track “I Am Relikis” below and purchase the album here on iTunes!

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  • Anthony

    Excellent Album Relikis! Your Album is put together nice with a good mixture of various beats. Keep them tracks Flowin!

  • Oracle

    Yeah Reli get it!!!

  • J’sdad

    Just downloaded one cut – liked it – prob will buy the whole thing next!! Keep up music coming!