Rap artist Snoop Lion (Fmr Snoop Dog) recently had a “born again” experience

Rap artist Snoop Lion (Fmr Snoop Dog) recently had a “born again” experience and embraced Rastafarianism.

Here are some resources on Witnessing to Rastafarians |
http://goo.gl/e0ti7 & http://goo.gl/M8w1Y

  • Way to go SLion! Welcome to the family :0) I live it when I hear a person’s story of transformation.

    Be blessed bro!

  • Christy

    What!!? :O

  • Orrin Feddes

    Why is this such a big deal about snoop lion? he is not a Christian, let alone believes that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Learn what Rastafarianism is first and if it lines up with Scripture (which it doesn’t), then post something

    • Mike Laxton

      The purpose of the post was to offer resources to Christians who are witnessing to those following Rastafarianism.

  • Anonymous

    snoop lion comes off a little confusing, becuase if he did have a born again experience would he not be shouting to everyone about jesus, exspecially with the amount of people who follow him?

  • buck washington

    please pray that i and my brothers and sisters will know GOD,JESUS,AND THE HOLY GHOST. isn’t this about GOD and not overkill the obvious!

  • DK

    Y`all ..I just hink Snoop is now a rasta so he can smoke in peace

  • Shalonda Shalom

    Thank you guys for shedding light on this and providing resources to aid in witnessing to people like Snoop. God bless Hype Radio and all that you do from your sister in Tampa, FL who jams to you all on Spirit FM and online!