Our 2018 Predictions

While everyone is focused on wrapping up on 2017, we’d thought it would be interesting to predict what’s ahead in 2018.  So, from each of our staff members we’ve come up some some crazy and not-so-crazy predictions.  Let us know if you agree!

Paul Martinez

  • Andy Mineo has his biggest year yet mainstream wise and Lecrae slowly begins to pass the torch as the artist face of Reach.
  • Sho has a super consistent year musically.
  • Da’ T.R.U.T.H. takes a crack at signing a hip Hop artist again.
  • Aaron Cole’s next album cracks Billboard 200 under Gotee.
  • Social Club starts some sort of super collective featuring young talent.
  • The UYWI.org, Legacy, and FlavorFest #chh and urban ministry conferences all have record attendance.


  • Big Yae will be the next up!
  • Kj-52 – Brings something new to his career
  • K.Allico – Since talking to him and watching his performance at SXSW, he seems to be a promising artist. Bringing something new to CHH and def God Over Money (not exactly sure how he fits there but I know they wants to try something new)
  • Tristan Peace will make big moves 2018


  • Aaron Cole, Kareem Manuel, Corey Paul and Reconcile will continue to grow.
  • On the Female Emcee Tip, Angie Rose, Illsamar, Tarcea Renee, Kayla Starks, ImKai, Latoria & Sicily make waves.
  • Paul Martinez and YB are on the come up as well.


  • Lecrae to open for JayZ or Beyonce by 2019 because of the Columbia deal.
  • Angie Rose will be the first mainstream breakout Christian female emcee since Rachael Messini from Souljahz.
  • Paul Martinez the sleeper artist of all time. Comes outta nowhere and signs mainstream deal.
  • Music videos will continue to drop our jaws as production values continue to go through the the roof.
  • Record number of artists start podcasts.
  • A Christian artist will be featured at a GaryVee conference. Possibly nobigdyl.
  • Bitcoin has a big crash at some point during the year and then slowly makes a comeback.


  • Lecrae will do an international tour not limited to Europe. He will go to Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Americans will start listening to more CHH by U.K. artists like Guvna B, Triple O, and Faith Child. U.K. CHH artists will team up for a United States tour.
  • Who’s gonna get famous because their music is so awesome? Dillon Chase, Angie Rose, and Ty Brasel.
  • There will be a 116 Past and Present + Friends cypher. Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Aha Gazelle, 1k Phew, Gawvi, Trip Lee, KB, Derek Minor, Sho Baraka, Thi’sl, FLAME, Canon, and Json all on one track about being unashamed of the gospel!
  • Dee-1 is going to get huge platforms in mainstream hip-hop and continue to use his music to speak about Jesus.
  • Christian Hip-Hop songs will get major ad placements.