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Below is the testimony of Noah Haney.

My name is Noah Haney, and this is the testimony of how KB and Canon’s music helped me through a really  rough time this past year.

This year I have been faced with a lot of tough health issues such as spurts of Depression and a week long stay in the hospital due to a kidney infection. It all started in August as school was starting again and I was kind of just going through the motions in my faith, feeling tired and like God wasn’t around. I felt rather disinterested in the things of my faith and relationship with God.

I started having major pain in my back and in early September it came to the point where a lot was about to change in my faith.  I woke up one morning and started not being able to walk without excruciating pain in my back. I went to the doctor and was right away sent to the hospital on suspicion that my kidneys had a problem. After tests came back it was revealed that I had a kidney infection and an abscess on my kidney.

I had to stay in the hospital. On the second week of senior year. The first night they wheeled me up to my hospital bed and started putting multiple wires in me and drugs in my system to numb my pain. My initial reaction was to be terrified that I was never going to recover. Doctors didn’t know what caused it and were trying all different treatments to fix me.

Then my second reaction was to be mad at God. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Was He punishing me? I had so many false thoughts flying through my head. The next morning I woke up and in my hospital bed decided to listen to some music.

I didn’t know what to listen to so I hit “random song” and a song that months earlier had dropped that I had thought was a dope song came on. That song was “Drowning” by KB. I sat in my bed listening and I started to cry. The hook came on which states “Save me from me, save me from me, save me from me, save me from me before I drown.” I realized in that moment how it wasn’t God punishing me at all but rather God showing me that it was Him saving me and teaching me a lesson. KB reminded me that it’s ok to be broken… that we can’t single-handedly run our lives. We need help and we can’t be too prideful to ask for it.

That was one of two lessons God would teach me that week. The second came after I was scrolling on Twitter and saw that Canon, another personal favorite of mine, had just released a song he titled “Grateful.” Not having much to do in the hospital I thought, “Why not take a listen?” Not expecting that the song would impact me much, I bought it and pressed play. I was shaken by the first stanza. Canon started talking about needing to stay grateful throughout anything that may happen. My first reaction was “Wow.” I hit pause after the first hook.

I couldn’t believe this. Canon was speaking directly to me. I thought my life would never be the same thanks to my kidney and thought God had given up on me, and here’s a guy telling me to be grateful for everything? I just couldn’t fathom it. I hit play again and Canon started sharing his heart about how he almost was gone and how he could never live a life that wasn’t for God because He saved Canon. I at that moment prayed. I in tears apologized to God for not trusting in His plan and believing that it was all me that was going to save myself.

Canon and KB helped me realize that trusting God makes life better, that no matter how bad things got that God was always there to save me, even when I needed to be saved from myself. I am so thankful for these two brothers and I want them to know that without their encouragement i may have completely given up on God. I realize now that yes I’m broken, yet I remain grateful.



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