Mogli the Iceburg Gets Personal on New Album

“Mogli the Iceburg is a rapper and producer who makes honest music spanning a wide range of musical and genre influences.”

Earlier this month, Mogli the Iceburg released a new album called Let’s Talk About Our Feelings. In the project, he gets transparent about his feelings including those concerning his romantic relationships and his relationship with God.

He described the album’s writing and recording process as an organic flow: it took in total less than four months. Mogli had the intention to write only three songs, but once his creative juices got going, he couldn’t stop. “I would record things that came into my mind as they came into my mind and string them together.”

Not only Mogli’s album artwork, but almost all of his graphics and photos have muted or B&W tones. “I definitely thought the mood of that captured a lot of the music I was making.”

Let’s Talks About Our Feelings begins with “Somehow, We’ll Be Okay.” It was actually one of the last songs he recorded for the album. Mogli collaborated with some friends who were part of a Metal band called H\rper (pronounced like “Harper”). “I ended up reworking one of their title tracks into my track.”

With the song, he wants to encourage listeners that “somehow, some way, we’ll all be okay.”

“I Don’t Need You Up in My Face Rn [Right now]” was one of the first three songs Mogli wrote and recorded along with fellow indie tribe member Jarry Manna. In the song, he is letting off steam “aimed at a previous failed relationship that I was going through.”

“Idk” features Kings Dream Entertainment artist Jet Trouble and was inspired by poor choices in dating relationships. “I had begun a romantic relationship with somebody who just didn’t believe a lot of the fundamental things that I believe.” Heading into this relationship, Mogli knew that his partner not sharing his faith made it something that wouldn’t last, but it didn’t stop him.

Facing a back-and-forth conversation in his head, he thought about “Liking a lot of aspects about somebody. Liking spending time with them, but knowing that ultimately that relationship didn’t have a whole lot of potential.”

Having learned his lesson, Mogli’s best advice would be “not to open that door. The hardest part for that whole situation for me was having to kind of hurt somebody because she was down to continue pursuing it and I think she had really felt heavy emotions for me.” Though he knew ending their relationship would hurt his then-girlfriend, Mogli knew that they had to break up before it got any deeper.

“I’m Not Alright” was written during a difficult time in Mogli’s life when he needed the support of friends to help him get through it. “If you’re a friend, be a friend while I’m here.” He wants to encourage listeners to do their best to be there for their friends.

Mogli describes his song “Blackonblackonblackonblack” as the most shallow and also the most fun song on his album. “I like wearing a lot of black.” The song’s producer, Christian Sager, sent Mogli a beat “that was just unethical in how vicious it was with the hard synths… it’s just the first thing that came to mind.”

Driving a beat-up black Toyota Corolla, Mogli’s tires have lost their rims. “How can I say that to make it sound really cool? So I said ‘Matte black rims on the ‘Rolla.’ I’m like ‘Dang dude. That sounds kinda hard.” He notes how some rappers brag about their expensive cars, like saying “‘Rarri” when they (at least claim to) drive a Ferrari.

The title track, “Let’s Talk About Our Feelings” has no words: it is just an instrumental. “I wanted to relay the idea that sometimes feelings are things that you can’t put into words.” Mogli also wanted to convey that an essential part of being a good friend and community member is to take time to be silent and listen to the feelings that others have to share.

“Let’s Call It Off” is a song that Mogli describes as being “very personal.” It was inspired by having to end an unhealthy dating relationship. “Most of the issues were respect issues and communication issues.” He wants listeners to be aware of any emotional pain that they or their partner may be experiencing in a relationship. “We feel pain for a reason: your pain is a warning of things you shouldn’t be doing.”

In the song “Honest Conversations,” the second to last song on the album, Mogli says he is venting his heart out. “I think conceptually, Honest Conversations is me confronting the root of a lot of the sadness and relationship problems and stuff and ultimately surrendering that [to God.]” He has experienced that even when talking to God in prayer, “sometimes it’s hard to be vulnerable with how you really feel and where you’re really at.”

“I have a hard time honestly loving God.”

Though Mogli seeks to be transparent in his struggle to love God, he is also honest in acknowledging his need for God. “That track is a really very very honest track of me venting where I’m at.”

“I Don’t Wanna Die Right Now” was the first single he released since his last project dropped in April and was originally not going to be put on the album. However, Mogli wanted a lighter ending than “Honest Conversations.”

“We just ended on a super-heavy note. Let’s take it back to something that is upbeat, that you can ride around to.” Noting that a lot of the songs on the album can feel negative, he wanted to uplift listeners before they stop listening.

During various times in his life, Mogli has been comforted by relatable music and wants to make the same happen for his listeners. “I just wanted to make music that people can feel with.”

In 2019, Mogli the Iceburg is hoping to go on tour in the spring, saying he is “definitely gonna be going to some places where I haven’t gotten to go yet. That’s a big step for me, and I’m super excited about it.” In addition, fans can expect to hear his voice as a feature for many of their other favorite artists.

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