Mission & BrvndonP Break Down New Album ‘Barely Finished’

One of the songs that came naturally to the pair was “Gotta Be Here.” “Brandon had the beat and we played off each other one line at a time. We ended up coming up with the song. We didn’t write a word. We just had it in our heads and kept vibing off each other,” said Mission.

When asked about the style of the music, Mission said “I think it has a lot of styles and sounds. It is very diverse. It’s not just one sound throughout the project, it’s got the hip-hop, boom-bap track, trap, dance hall.”

“Where I Belong” is a dual-concept song. BrvndonP says that the song comes from a place where you are in tune with “who you are and knowing who you should be, and not comparing yourself to any other person.” The other side of it is in knowing who you are and the potential places that you could be if people did not stand in your way.

“My verse is first, and I’m coming from the perspective of ‘You know what, I should know who I am. I should not compare myself to anyone else. I should be graceful and satisfied with where I am now, because where I am right now is where I should be.”

Mission’s verse follows where he talks about being put in a box in which you do not belong, and telling the people who are cornering you that you are bigger than their conceptions.