As a 106 and Park Freestyle Friday’s Champion, a US global music ambassador, highly celebrated independent artist, motivational speaker, community activist, emcee, lyricist, vocalist, performer, and unquestionably Christian, Mahogany Jones is dedicated to achieving and excelling in every circumstance, artistically and spiritually.  That personality trait is all over her latest release; a compilation project she presents as PURE, Volume 1.  Technically, this album isn’t being advertised as Mahogany’s follow up to her debut studio album, MORPHED, but it might as well be.  For an album that contains tracks that she’s not even on vocally, Mahogany’s vision, signature artistry, and spirit are very much felt on every song to startling effect.  One of the last times there was a hip-hop album from a solo artist that could’ve doubled as a compilation album or vice versa was Jay Z’s The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.  Though that album was hugely successful with massive hit singles, this indie Christian MC and her team have managed to put together a better record in terms of cohesiveness and creativity, despite abridged resources.  It’s a record that, honestly, may prove to be more vital to mankind if it’s given the exposure it truly deserves.

While on my Radical Departure tour in Detroit in the Summer of 2013, I got a chance to see Mahogany Jones’ frenetic schedule first hand, and it pretty much proved what’s already illustrated in her Instagram posts, tweets, and other forms of social media; the sister is usually VERY BUSY and she barely has any consistent downtime.  One afternoon, while riding with her to one of my venues in The Motor City, I witnessed ‘Jonzi,’ a nickname friends and family affectionately call her, take four crucial and detailed phone calls in between our conversation within 20 minutes.  Still, I didn’t see the allowed interruptions as her being rude at all, maybe because I know her.  I decided to be patient, understand, and appreciate the hectic lifestyle she leads.  Since this artist is constantly on the go, you’d have to assume that it must be tough at certain points.  With so many people demanding so much from her and being highly dependent on her because she’s so gifted, motivated, and willing to serve, it can really be “the gift and the curse.”  That being said, Mahogany handles both the highs and lows with greater levels of grace and determination.  Not only does she celebrate that drive in the percussion heavy and fiery single called “9 to 5 (Fighter)” feat. Michelle Bonilla off her 2014 compilation, she salutes all the women throughout the world that’s equally driven as well.  As she puts it…

“I signed up for overtime, don’t care how long it takes/ I got a ‘New York’ state of mind, so my mind’s wide awake”
- Mahogany Jones’ “9 to 5 (Fighter)” off PURE, Vol. 1