K-Drama Shares Details of New Project

Cincinnati, Ohio artist K-Drama has a new EP coming out later this month. Whetherman is the name of his EP that will be released on Friday, July 27th. This will be the ninth solo album of the former Cross Movement Records’ artist. His most recent project, released in 2017, was a collab album with Scott Sims.

A wisecrack, “Oh, that crazy Ohio weather! It’s four seasons in a week!” has inspired Cincinnati rapper K-Drama’s ninth studio album, Whetherman, releasing July 27th on Playwright Music.

The Billboard charting artist and CEA nominee uses Cincinnati’s frequent climate changes as a parallel to everyday life. “Many times, life feels unpredictable, much like the weather in Cincinnati. Figuratively speaking, I’ve learned to not pack away my shorts (or coat) so quickly, but to be prepared for what may come. I may be miserable if it snows on the first day of spring
and I’ve boxed away my boots.”

Whetherman is a pun encouraging listeners to finish strong whether or not the weather is optimal. In everyday life, some days are easier than others, regardless, one must be consistent and prepared in order the reach the desired outcome. Each of the seven songs are inspired by a day of the week and everything from the lyrics, to the production, reflect the title of the respective song.

For instance, Track 2, “Mundane,” is a play on Monday and the production is made up of dreary
undertones with the sound of thunderstorms throughout. K-Drama handles the production on the entire project.

“I believe this is my most unique project to date and while some may miss the message, I believe it’ll meet most right where they are. Nothing is lukewarm! I took a lot of risks with this album in hopes to achieve results that I haven’t previously achieved with my music.”

The tracklist of Whetherman is as follows.

  1. Sonday featuring Charde Jones
  2. Mundane
  3. Today featuring Scott Sims
  4. Windsday
  5. Brrsday
  6. Fryday
  7. Shatterday featuring Rell Riley

Last month “Today” was released as a single.

You can pre-order Whetherman on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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