Je’kob Washington was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1981.  In high school, he was a part of a family music group called Souljahz, which had the opportunity to record its first full-length album overseas in Aachen, Germany.  Returning to the states, they took the album to the ASCAP offices and later, in 2000, signed a deal with Warner Bros.  The group toured with artists such as Nelly, Counting Crows, and Boyz II Men as well as appeared on CNN, E!, and more.  Je’kob recently signed with Save the City Records to release new solo material.  His EP titled Faith, which is a blend of hip-hop and pop, features seven songs and his hit single “Love is All.”

            Faith opens with the title track which focuses on the Christian’s faith in God and events we have read about in the Bible but did not see for ourselves.  Je’kob compares this faith to other things such as believing that air is around us even though we cannot see it.  In the chorus, he quotes Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” a statement that is made on faith.  “Can’t Have My Soul” has a head-bobbing beat and features more of Je’kob’s rapping talents.  Je’kob raps during the verses about the evils of the world before proclaiming in the hook that he will not give his soul to the world.

            Je’kob’s first single ,“Love is All,” has become popular on Christian radio, and even if you do not know who Je’kob is, you have probably heard his radio single.  In this song that has a stronger pop feel in it than the others, Je’kob raps about the importance of loving one another, stating, “Love is the key to lock hate in the cage.”  The next track, “Boom Shaka Laka,” has a catchy beat as Je’kob sings that he is on top of the world while the words “boom shaka laka” can be heard in the background.

“Hot X Cold” is a slower song in which Je’kob talks about the salvation of the lives of himself and others.  He then changes to a worshipful style for “In Your Hands,” a song about God holding the world in His hands and being the Potter while we are the clay.  In the EP’s closer “Whoa Whoa Yeah Yeah,” Je’kob raps about putting his trust in the Lord and adds, “I will not forget Your love for me.”

            In conclusion, Faith contains songs that are catchy and contain enough hip-hop and enough pop flavors to satisfy just about any music fan.  While the lyrics are not very convicting or deep, they are quite encouraging to Christians who need to be reminded about putting their faith in God.  “Love is All” is certainly the main highlight on this record, but listeners will find the other songs very enjoyable as well.  From the hip-hop filled “Can’t Have My Soul,” to the strong pop-flavored single, and to the worshipful “In Your Hands,” Faith is a well-rounded EP that fans of a variety of genres of music will enjoy.

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