Get to Know Revolution

“Growing up in the eighties, I would say that was the birth time of hip-hop.” Revolution says that hip-hop had a huge influence on him.

“I just fell in love with the way the artists were putting their words together.”

He started writing his own raps at age thirteen, rapping in the cafeteria with friends at school. “I would take big words and put [them] together.” He loved watching BET and Rap City and tried to learn from the artists on TV.

One time while in college, “I found myself wanting to rap about social injustices and things that were wrong in the world.” He thought about the word “Revolution” and considered using that as his stage name. “I started to analyze it more as I became a Christian artist and it basically means ‘change through revolt, change by force.’” He believes that as a Christian, he is a revolutionary in how he seeks to live in a way opposed by much of the world.

“You’re carrying your cross. You’re putting a message on your back that the Lord gave to us two-thousand years ago.”

When Revolution was growing up, his grandmother and other relatives made sure that he went to church, blessed his food, and read his bible. “That was ever since I was a small boy. I can’t really say that I was never with Christ or attached to the vine.”

This fall Revolution released a new album called Soul Wounds. “I wanted to give the listeners a good body of work.”

He wants to give believers an anthem to listen to that will guide them “once you wake up and realize He has been faithful to His word, you have been blessed with fruit, where do you go from that point?”

Revolution describes each song on Soul Wounds as a snapshot of a time in his life.

“Raised From The Grave” speaks about the resurrection of Jesus, asking listeners, “Would you believe if I told you He raised from the grave?”

“A lot of my Christian walk [was] strengthened when I understood that Jesus Christ was alive and well.”

He wants to remind listeners who likely already know this to dwell on how powerful it is and what it means. “You can call on Christ at any time for anything. I think sometimes we as believers need to be reminded [of this.]”

“Finish” is made to encourage listeners to persevere and never give up despite the challenges they may face. “It’s to magnify the strength that Christ gives us.” Revolution believes that even though Christians won’t know how to face every circumstance, they need to face it head-on knowing that God is with them.

“We give it to Christ Jesus and we don’t never run. We’re strong to the finish.”

What he has seen on the news has gone into this song about persevering through trials. “Deep in America, there are the wickedest flaws.” Revolution believes that Christians need to examine the culture they live in and be informed about what is happening.

Revolution collaborated with No Malice on the song “Victory.” “He’s a real cool guy, real humble… You can see the transformation in Christ that a man will encounter.” Revolution believes that through Christ’s victory over sin and death, in Him we can do the same. “Christ has already won the war. There’s nothing that you can do in your own strength to make it.” The song has an intense feel and Revolution describes it as a “banger.”

Revolution believes that God has put greatness in each person and that if they choose to follow Christ, they will shine in the talents that God has given them. This is what his song “The Shine” is about. He notes how in Matthew 15, Jesus said “Let your light shine before men that they may glorify your Father in Heaven.”

“That’s what it’s all about. We’re in love and we admire the Lord in what He did, but do we understand that as much as He shines was as much as He gave the truth?”

“Afterlife” features pastor and friend Mic Rose. The song asks the listeners the question “What is your afterlife?” Revolution wants people to think about what will happen to them when they die, and hopes this song puts in on their mind. “It’s a fun track, but the underlying [message] is serious.”

Outside of music, Revolution loves spending time with his family, which includes his wife, six daughters, and two sons. “I’m definitely an active father.” He also enjoys spending time with friends from church and working out at the gym.

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